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The diary of Anne Frank

Mono-opera in two parts by Grigori Frid, op. 60 (1969)

And now I know that bravery and the joy of living are the most important things! One can really do without wealth and fame. But the peace of mind can only fade for a short time, for it will awaken again and fill us with happiness for a lifetime.

Anne Frank

Soprano: Jacoba Arekhi
Piano & Musical Direction: David Behnke
Saxophone & Arrangement: Johann Putensen
Staging & Stage Concept: Horst Kupich




G. Fried wrote both the libretto and the music for the mono-opera "Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank". The libretto is almost identical to the structure of the original literature.

The work is divided into 21 short pictures. These give a special insight into Anne Frank's diary through Frid's great musical tension, which ranges from very dissonant to melodious and leitmotivic compositional elements.

The composer succeeds in capturing Anne's essence, her courage and her ideals in the 60-minute opera. Anne's handling of the hopeless situation in which she finds herself in, is a timeless inspiration and a call to preserve human dignity.

The work is written for soprano and chamber orchestra but was already performed in a piano version at the premiere. In order to complement the sound of the piano in a distinctive way, there was a collaboration with the saxophonist Johann Putensen.

Jacoba Arekhi chose to work with this opera since she is fascinated by G. Frids musical implementation of the topic.

The project took place in July 2019 and was facilitated:

  • Through the friendly support of the friends and sponsors of hmt Rostock e. V.

  • Through the valuable cooperation with the director Horst Kupich, the pianist and conductor David Behnke and the saxophonist Johann Putensen.

  • Through the friendly support of the Theater Vorpommern by providing their rehearsal rooms and the help of their workshops.

For guest performance requests please contact Jacoba via email:




Programme booklet

English Translation of the Libretto

J. Arekhi's master thesis on the mono opera

YouTube video

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